Andy Sparks on Writing, Entrepreneurship, Success & Life As A Lake

Andy Holloway is the founder of Holloway, a company that creates comprehensive, practical Guides researched, written, and refined by experts. He founded the company with the mission of “giving people tools to turn their brains on instead of off.”

We dive into the company, but also dive into Andy’s branding fiasco with his first “startup” as a child, how he started a brewery while still underage, a class and professor that changed his life in college, how he got started writing and how a lake can be a great metaphor for life.

We talk about a number of topics including

  • Andy’s writing practice
  • Teaching & modern education system
  • A college professor that inspired him to think differently
  • Unlocking wisdom from books on the internet
  • Grappling with success & status in the modern world
  • How he stays in touch with the people that matter to him

Here is the full quote we mentioned from Kurt Vonnegut:

When a couple has an argument nowadays they may think it s about money or power or sex or how to raise the kids or whatever. What they’re really saying to each other, though without realizing it, is this: “You are not enough people!

Full Quote Here

You can learn more about Andy and Holloway through his thoughtful Good Work Newsletter or go deeper by buying his guides on Venture Capital and other topics.

Some books we mentioned