The Strategic Independent: Tom Critchlow on Blending Consulting, Courses, and Creativity

In this episode, I reconnected with Tom Critchlow, an independent consultant, marking his second appearance on our show. Tom discussed his nine-year journey in indie consulting, emphasizing the transition from consulting as his sole income to exploring new ventures like course creation and book writing. He shared the challenges of balancing these diverse interests, especially … Read More

The Future of Indie Consulting & Life – Venkatesh Rao

In this episode, we dove into the evolution of consulting, highlighting the shift toward fourth-generation approaches and the Yak Collective’s innovative strategies. We discussed the significance of stable revenue streams, the injection of strategic intelligence into the business world, and the importance of diversifying income streams. Reflecting on the journey from traditional consulting to the … Read More

Jenny Blake on Saying “No” to Something Good, Free Time and Pivot | The Pathless Path Podcast

Jenny is an author, international speaker, career and business strategist, and executive coach. She worked in a start-up during her college years and then she worked at Google. Jenny is the author of three books, Life After College, Pivot and Free Time. She runs what she calls a heart-centered business, which resonates so deeply with … Read More

Why I Turned Down A $200k Publishing Offer

In this episode, I talk about the time a publisher tried to buy my book The Pathless Path. I shared a thread that seemed to get a lot of attention about turning down a $200k book deal. On the surface, this seems like a HUGE deal but the deal structure made it easy to say no. … Read More

From The “Holler” to Therapist to Creator Coach – Corey Wilks Psy. D. On Helping People Thrive

Dr. Corey Wilks is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach with over 15 years of psychological experience. In 2020, he stopped practicing therapy and ventured into entrepreneurship. Now, he coaches entrepreneurs and creates content to help people be more intentional with how they live, work, and create. His latest project is Intentional Life Design, … Read More

What Do Digital Nomads Tell Us About The Future? – Lauren Razavi

I was excited to interview Lauren because she just finished her own book, Global Natives about her own experience as a nomad (since 2013!) and also the past, present, and future of the movement.  I think she is one of the most thoughtful perspectives on the future of work and global mobility. Currently, Lauren is … Read More