Boundless Podcast: Ben Dubow On State Department Rejection To Propaganda-Fighting Startup Founder (Episode 10)

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Ben is the founder and COO of Omelas, a startup that is focused on using technology to fight propaganda. Ben’s journey, however, does not start there. His journey is a classic case of “do not try this at home” – as we walk through Ben’s story, I found myself impressed at the number of rejections and roadblocks he faced. Early in his career, he thought he landed his dream job, at the State Department, only to have the offer reneged. This led him to put his passion (which was diplomacy), to the side, while he pursued a “practical” career. A job from Google appeared just at the last minute, where he found himself in a role to help redirect terrorist search results. This helped re-awaken something he was passionate about and led to the founding of his current company.

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