Boundless Podcast: Romy Rost on leadership, freelancing & coaching as a skill (Episode 13)

 Listen Now: Itunes • Stitcher • Google Play • Overcast • Spotify Romy is an employee engagement consultant turned coach. She built her career consulting for and working in Fortune 100 companies on all challenges employee-related. Her mission is to drive meaningful and behavior-based change for mid-level leaders that helps them operate in a more productive and human way in the workplace. There … Read More

Boundless Podcast: Ben Dubow On State Department Rejection To Propaganda-Fighting Startup Founder (Episode 10)

 Listen Now: Itunes • Stitcher • Google Play • Overcast Ben is the founder and COO of Omelas, a startup that is focused on using technology to fight propaganda. Ben’s journey, however, does not start there. His journey is a classic case of “do not try this at home” – as we walk through Ben’s story, I found myself impressed at the … Read More