David Perell on The Scripts of School and Becoming an Internet Citizen | The Pathless Path Podcast

This post was graciously written by Podcasts Recapped who is creating thoughtful recaps of some of the most interesting podcasts on the internet. I highly recommend following their site! Who Is David Perell? David Perell (@david_perell) is a writer, teacher, and podcaster. David’s online course, Write of Passage, has been taken by more than 500 … Read More

Sky King on Growing up in Hawaii, Quitting to Work At a Smoothie Bar & Building The Future of Podcasts (The Pathless Path Podcast)

This episode is with Sky King, the founder of Modern Stoa, a podcast advertising company for podcasters. His path is fascinating – he grew up in Hawaii, rarely wore shoes, was heavily influenced by Asian culture, had a father who was retired, and somehow ended up in a massive corporation right after college.  In 2016. … Read More

Lawrence Yeo On The Arc of The Practical Creator, Creativity & Finding Work That Matters (The Pathless Path Podcast)

Being an undeclared major till his senior year of college, Lawrence didn’t really know what he wanted to do. After looking up which jobs make the most money, he decided to declare as an economics major, leading him to explore Investment Banking. While he didn’t end up working in investment banking, he was still pulled … Read More