Ben Brooks on coaching, trust, the art of management & entrepreneurship

Years ago, Ben wrote that his personal mission statement was “to help people reach their full potential” and our conversation touches on this theme in many different ways.  Ben is a former car rental pro turned consultant turned HR executive. His work in HR landed him on the cover of Human Resource Executive. It’s pretty … Read More

Shayne Spencer on the “dumb idea project” and how failing econ helped him start his firm

Listen => Itunes • Stitcher • Google Play • Overcast • Spotify While Shayne has built a successful marketing consulting firm, there was no “plan” to do this.  His first exposure to marketing was out of necessity – his professor let students boost their low economics grades by joining the marketing group he ran.  Shayne quickly applied the lessons to his DJ gigs on … Read More

Jacqueline Jensen on sabbaticals, rethinking work and building a “calm company”

Jacqueline Jensen has been a digital nomad for 3.5 years, living and working globally.  It might surprise you to find out then, that she’s written a book called “Travel Isn’t The Answer.”  While counterintuitive, she argues for a return to awe and wonder with what is already around us.  She talks about different moments of … Read More

Candace Cabrera Moore, fearless yoga entrepreneur on building a global business, brand & community

“I allowed myself to dream, if money were no object and you could just do anything without worrying about logistics…I would regain that independence that I once had as a 16 year old going to Costa Rica, totally fearless…I would regain that independence of travel.” Candace in our interview  Subscribe: Itunes • Spotify Candace was first inspired … Read More

Connor Gillivan on entrepreneurship, selling on Amazon and working with freelancers (Episode 15)

 Listen Now: Itunes • Stitcher • Google Play • Overcast • Spotify Connor’s path as an entrepreneur began when he was in college via an AIM chat with a classmate in one of his classes.  What started as a textbook e-commerce business led him to build a sizeable business selling things on  Through his work on that, he ended up working with … Read More

Boundless Podcast: Tanya Alvarez on resilience, entrepreneurship & community (Episode 12)

Tanya Alvarez is the Co-Founder, and CEO of OwnersUP a platform that advances solopreneurs’ business through accountability, goal setting, and community. Over the past fifteen years, Tanya has accumulated marketing experience with international & US companies such as Nike and US Olympics. She started her first company at the age of 25 and grew it … Read More