Alastair Humphreys on microadventures, long-term travel and busking his way through Europe

I talked to Alastair Humphreys after he had returned the previous night from a micro-adventure. It wasn’t a four year biking trip or a challenging long walk across the desert (he’s done that though!), but instead a short overnight camping trip with himself to re-connect with nature and his adventurous spirit. He helps others think … Read More

Ben Keene on dreaming, starting a tribe & living on an island with three kids

After attending a few corporate recruiting sessions, he didn’t take for granted that his path was to enter the corporate world. Twenty years later, he is still carving his own path and has recently returned from Koh Lanta, where he lived with his three children in Thailand for the last six months. In the early … Read More

Heather McGowan on learning, adapting & identity in the future of work

Heather McGowan is the most thoughtful writer and speaker I follow on the future of work. She is able to connect the dots between work, culture, society and identity in a way that has captured the attention of many individuals, companies and universities around the world. She credits much of her interdisciplinary mindset with her … Read More

Tash Walker On Why Companies Should Adopt A 4-Day Workweek

Tash Walker is the founder of a firm and spends her Fridays making marmalade. Before instituting a four-day workweek at her firm, The Mix, she barely had time for her relationships.  She decided to start doing research about different ways of working.  There had to be a better way than the default options of “Summer … Read More

Tom Critchlow on Personal Branding, Freelance Consulting & The Future of Work

I discovered Tom by reading a piece he wrote on freelance consulting.  I was fascinated with his approach and how similar it was to mine – especially coming from a completely different perspective – digital marketing & content.  We talk in depth about how he thinks about content in today’s world, his thoughts on personal … Read More

Super Bowl Minisode – Cody Royle on The Patriots and what business can learn from sports

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In this episode, Cody Royle and I discuss what sets high-performing NFL organizations like the Patriots and the Giants (and others apart from the rest). Cody is the author of Where Other’s Won’t: Taking People Innovation from the Locker Room into the Boardroom.