Rethinking Work & Education via Montessori Schools – Matt Bateman

In this episode with Matt Bateman, I dive into a fascinating conversation about the intersections of work, education, and personal development. Matt, an early childhood educator, philosopher, and the founder of Guidepost Montessori, shares his unique perspective on growing up without the traditional work scripts and how it influenced his approach to education and life. … Read More

Creating Margin For Life & Running a “Calm Company” | Justin Jackson (Pathless Path Podcast

In this episode with Justin Jackson, co-founder of Transistor, we dive into his fascinating journey from early internet ventures to establishing a calm business model that prioritizes life’s margins. Justin shares his experiences growing up in a family where entrepreneurial spirit was a necessity, the lessons learned from running a snowboard shop, and how these … Read More

Joe Hudson on The Art of Transformation In The Modern World | Pathless Path Podcast

In this episode with Joe Hudson, I delve into his riveting life story, exploring his journey from a challenging childhood dominated by a sense of conflict and anger, to his eventual awakening and self-discovery. Joe’s experiences living in various countries, coupled with his personal transformation, offer invaluable insights into dealing with adversity, embracing emotional fluidity, … Read More

Jenny Blake on Saying “No” to Something Good, Free Time and Pivot | The Pathless Path Podcast

Jenny is an author, international speaker, career and business strategist, and executive coach. She worked in a start-up during her college years and then she worked at Google. Jenny is the author of three books, Life After College, Pivot and Free Time. She runs what she calls a heart-centered business, which resonates so deeply with … Read More

Why I Turned Down A $200k Publishing Offer

In this episode, I talk about the time a publisher tried to buy my book The Pathless Path. I shared a thread that seemed to get a lot of attention about turning down a $200k book deal. On the surface, this seems like a HUGE deal but the deal structure made it easy to say no. … Read More