From The “Holler” to Therapist to Creator Coach – Corey Wilks Psy. D. On Helping People Thrive

Dr. Corey Wilks is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach with over 15 years of psychological experience. In 2020, he stopped practicing therapy and ventured into entrepreneurship. Now, he coaches entrepreneurs and creates content to help people be more intentional with how they live, work, and create. His latest project is Intentional Life Design, … Read More

What Do Digital Nomads Tell Us About The Future? – Lauren Razavi

I was excited to interview Lauren because she just finished her own book, Global Natives about her own experience as a nomad (since 2013!) and also the past, present, and future of the movement.  I think she is one of the most thoughtful perspectives on the future of work and global mobility. Currently, Lauren is … Read More

Living Intentionally After “Enough” – Bilal Zaidi on leaving Google, emigrating to the US, the intensity of New York, writing poetry and spoken word, and travel vs. vacations (Pathless Path Podcast)

Bilal was born in London to a family of Pakistani descent. A curious kid, with an interest in computers, he developed a successful website with over 500 000 readers in his teens. He ended up working at Google in the US. After a while Bilal has left the company to carve his own path. He … Read More

Kyla Scanlon on the Passion Crisis, Vibecession, and Quitting Her Job To Bet On Herself | The Pathless Path Podcast

I believe that Kyla Scanlon is one of the most talented all-around creators. She is transcending the assumptions about what people want, especially with things like short-form videos. Her TikToks are synthesized, thoughtful, and funny, setting a new bar for what people want in an information age. We talked about her journey growing up in … Read More

Melvin Varghese: The Creator Therapist | The Pathless Path Podcast

Melvin has a Ph.D. in psychology, but to call him just “a psychologist” would be trying to fit him in too small of a box. He has left a successful clinical career to build his online “healthy business” – he is the person behind the “Selling the Couch” podcast, does sessions with entrepreneurs, and runs … Read More

Goofing Off On Purpose – Kevin Kelly on owning his time, staying optimistic about the future, raising children, and his new book Excellent Advice for Living | The Pathless Path Podcast

@KevinKelly is the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, a writer, and a photographer. When he was young he dropped out of college and traveled to Taiwan, which he describes as a life-changing experience. Kevin is passionate about owning his time, the importance of goofing off, and staying optimistic about the development of technology. Podcast … Read More