Sky King on Growing up in Hawaii, Quitting to Work At a Smoothie Bar & Building The Future of Podcasts (The Pathless Path Podcast)

This episode is with Sky King, the founder of Modern Stoa, a podcast advertising company for podcasters. His path is fascinating – he grew up in Hawaii, rarely wore shoes, was heavily influenced by Asian culture, had a father who was retired, and somehow ended up in a massive corporation right after college.  In 2016. … Read More

Boundless Podcast – Stephen Warley on the biggest shift since the industrial revolution (Episode 19)

“Work as you know it is currently changing in fundamental ways that we have not seen since the industrial revolution”  Subscribe: Itunes • Stitcher • Google Play • Overcast • Spotify Stephen has been self-employed for more than 18 years.  At first, it was by accident.  He referred to himself as a “reluctant freelancer.”  We talk about how that mindset evolved into one … Read More