Amy McMillen – Leaving a Path That Makes Sense (Podcast)

I connected with Amy McMillen in the early stages of Covid when a zoom meetup every night was normal. I was excited to discover she had been writing about her journey leaving a path that made sense and stepping into the unknown. She launched a book about this journey, Reclaiming Control, which I read over … Read More

John Zeratsky on what living on a boat for 18 months taught him about work, belonging, comfort & money

John Zeratsky was a designer in the tech industry has worked with hundreds of startups in his time at Google Ventures.  He’s also obsessed with redesigning time and thinking about what matters in life. Earlier this year he just got back from 18 months living on his boat sailing around Central America, which he wrote … Read More

Screw The Cubicle With A Side Of Pineapple (Lydia Lee)

Lydia Lee was a self-described “multi-potentialite” growing up and loves to experiment and play games growing up.  You can probably draw a straight line from her hosting television shows for the stuffed animals in her room to her current YouTube channel Screw The Cubicle TV.  However, life is never that simple. In University Lydia was … Read More

Jacqueline Jensen on sabbaticals, rethinking work and building a “calm company”

Jacqueline Jensen has been a digital nomad for 3.5 years, living and working globally.  It might surprise you to find out then, that she’s written a book called “Travel Isn’t The Answer.”  While counterintuitive, she argues for a return to awe and wonder with what is already around us.  She talks about different moments of … Read More

David Vaucher on Ending His Career to Start His Life

Working in the corporate world never felt right David was born abroad then moved to the US at a young age, all while being raised to believe that the path to success rests solely on going to school and getting a “safe” job with a big company. For the last 11 years he did just that, … Read More