Diania Merriam on Imagining The New American Dream

Why is talking about money so hard? Diania puts it bluntly: When were talking about money, were talking about what we value This conversation covers Diana’s journey over the past several years reinventing her path and learning about new modes of living life. She shifted from someone who graduated college assuming she “would be the … Read More

Amir Salihefendić on trust, communication & deep work in building a remote company

Amir Salihefendić is the Founder and CEO of Doist, a fully distributed, remote company that creates productivity tools (Todoist & Twist). We dive into his story of moving from Bosnia to Denmark as a child and how he started Doist while in college.  He’s built a growing technology company in a fully remote setting, often … Read More

Dr. Laura Gallaher on humor at work, leadership at NASA after crisis, and building a business traveling the world

Listen => Web • Itunes • Stitcher • Google Play • Overcast • Spotify Dr. Laura Gallaher joins me from Serbia, where she is part of Remote Year, a community that travels to twelve locations within a year with a cohort of people working remotely.  Laura is an organizational psychologist who studied humor and communication in the workplace and notably completed a dissertation with “that’s what she … Read More

Damien Peters on blogging, wealth, and building a remote business from Spain (Episode 16)

Listen Now: Itunes • Stitcher • Google Play • Overcast • Spotify Damien Peters is a self-described “personal finance nerd” – which explains how he ended up founding WealthNoir.com, a platform to preach and teach about the importance of financial freedom and generational wealth to Black millennial professionals.  He started blogging over ten years ago and has recently focused more on writing as … Read More