What Does Authors Equity Mean For Traditional Publishing?

The creator economy has destroyed the walls between creators and their audiences. With the click of a button, people can reach people all around the world via voice, video, and text. People who are sharing ideas across mediums like blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts are used to having not only creative control over their work … Read More

Why I Turned Down A $200k Publishing Offer

In this episode, I talk about the time a publisher tried to buy my book The Pathless Path. I shared a thread that seemed to get a lot of attention about turning down a $200k book deal. On the surface, this seems like a HUGE deal but the deal structure made it easy to say no. … Read More

My Self-Publishing Journey & Lessons Learned (73 Page Slide Deck)

If you want to read my step-by-step journey of how I self-published my book, you can read my 8,000-word post explaining every step of the process. But if you want a more fun PowerPoint-based story (only something a former strategy consultant would ever say), you can check out the deck I put together below.