John Zeratsky on what living on a boat for 18 months taught him about work, belonging, comfort & money

John Zeratsky was a designer in the tech industry has worked with hundreds of startups in his time at Google Ventures.  He’s also obsessed with redesigning time and thinking about what matters in life. Earlier this year he just got back from 18 months living on his boat sailing around Central America, which he wrote … Read More

Hannah Wei on her nomadic life, competing in her first Muay Thai fight, dealing with burnout & tinder experiments

Hannah Wei has been living as a digital nomad for the last four years traveling across the US, Canada and Southeast Asia.  When she is not working as a product consultant, she trains in Muay Thai, photographs people, and collaborates on local initiatives. Her transition to a nomad life might have been a bit more … Read More

Bryan Victor, Unconventional Singaporean on creating his own education through wedding planning, year-long travel & creating a visual animation studio

Bryan Victor has never taken a traditional path but he doesn’t know any other way.  Perhaps that is why he started his own podcast in Singapore, Misfits, which interviews unconventional Singaporeans.  At 20, he saved up $10,000 while he was serving required military time and decided he would travel the world for a year.  During the trip, he … Read More