How I Write: A Conversation With Myself

I’ve been listening to David Perell’s awesome podcast literally called “How I Write” and it’s made me realize I have a lot of things to say about writing. One of the most interesting things about the podcast is that there are not a lot of common “recipes” across the writers. Everyone has a different approach.  … Read More

Ted Bauer: The Absurdity Of The Corporate World & Real Future Of Work

Listen => Itunes • Stitcher • Google Play • Overcast • Spotify Ted Bauer is a freelance writer and content strategist who writes prolifically about the future of work.  In this episode, he talks about some of his experiences in the corporate world.  He shares a story of how he broke the record for the number of story ideas when he first joined ESPN … Read More

Rohan Rajiv on learning through 3500+ daily blog posts

 Subscribe: Itunes • Stitcher • Google Play • Overcast • Spotify I met Rohan Rajiv for the first time at a company retreat in Switzerland.  We were having an interesting conversation at dinner and he leaned over to me and asked: “can I send you an e-mail of something I learn every day?”  This was the first opt-in newsletter I had ever joined in … Read More

Tom Critchlow on Personal Branding, Freelance Consulting & The Future of Work

I discovered Tom by reading a piece he wrote on freelance consulting.  I was fascinated with his approach and how similar it was to mine – especially coming from a completely different perspective – digital marketing & content.  We talk in depth about how he thinks about content in today’s world, his thoughts on personal … Read More