The Unscripted Journey: How Erin Doppelt Learned To Trust Her Inner Wisdom To Build An Intentional Life

In this conversation with Erin, we explored the transformative power of inner wisdom and the courage it takes to step off the beaten path. Erin shared her experiences of living abroad and the deep personal shifts that followed, highlighting the importance of listening to one’s inner voice and the profound realizations that can arise from such attention. As we wrapped up, it was clear that whether through meditation, embracing new cultures, or simply choosing the road less traveled, the journey toward self-realization is filled with both introspection and outward adventure.

Key Themes:

  • Cultural Wisdom: Erin’s travels and experiences in different cultures provide a backdrop for understanding her approach to spirituality and personal growth.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Her move from the corporate world to forging her path reflects a theme of self-empowerment and redefining success.
  • Spiritual Practices: The discussion of integrating spiritual practices into daily life showcases how Erin blends Eastern and Western philosophies.
  • Education and Experience: Erin values life experiences as a form of education, challenging the conventional wisdom of structured learning.


  • Existential Shifts: “And yes, there’s a time and place for education… but there’s so much that you can learn from just booking the plane ticket.”
  • Inner Calling: “That voice becomes louder and sometimes I refer to it as an inner guru connection, which is essentially when you are connected to your higher self.”
  • Radical Awakening: “There’s a lot of research suggesting that even these negative mental health obstacles are glimpses of a spiritual awakening.”

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