Hannah Wei on her nomadic life, competing in her first Muay Thai fight, dealing with burnout & tinder experiments

Hannah Wei has been living as a digital nomad for the last four years traveling across the US, Canada and Southeast Asia.  When she is not working as a product consultant, she trains in Muay Thai, photographs people, and collaborates on local initiatives.

Her transition to a nomad life might have been a bit more natural than for overs after growing up all over the world.  She was born in China, ended up moving to was somewhat familiar after being born in China and living across the world – attending nine different schools before entering high school.  

She ended up attending University in Canada but left early and built her first company when she was 21.  She ended up dealing with burnout and after several years in Toronto, she decided to sell her stuff and head out on a nomadic adventure.  Four years later, she is still on that adventure and still trying to make sense of how to balance success, creativity and community as she travels the globe.

In our conversation, we touch on many things, including:

  • Her upbringing in China and move to the US
  • Her creative inspirations as a child and how it evolved as she got older
  • Her experiment to code a bot to swipe on Tinder and tell people’s stories
  • What she has learned from Muay Thai
  • Her decision to compete in a professional Muay Thai fight in Thailand
  • What Muay Thai that has taught her about burnout, performance and success
  • How she defines success as a nomad depending on the region she is in

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