Creating Margin For Life & Running a “Calm Company” | Justin Jackson (Pathless Path Podcast

In this episode with Justin Jackson, co-founder of Transistor, we dive into his fascinating journey from early internet ventures to establishing a calm business model that prioritizes life’s margins. Justin shares his experiences growing up in a family where entrepreneurial spirit was a necessity, the lessons learned from running a snowboard shop, and how these shaped his approach to business. We discuss the value of maintaining a calm company culture, the importance of financial margins, and Justin’s vision for a business that benefits both the customer and the team. Join us as we explore how to design a life and business around what truly matters.


  • Entrepreneurial Spirit from an Early Age: Justin’s upbringing in an entrepreneurial family and how it shaped his career path.
  • Lessons from Retail Failure: Insights from the snowboard shop venture, emphasizing the importance of profitability and business model viability.
  • Calm Business Philosophy: The concept of running a business that enhances the life of its founders and team by ensuring ample margins in finance, time, and emotional well-being.
  • Market Dynamics and Demand: Understanding customer demand as a fundamental element of business success.


  • On entrepreneurial upbringing: “My dad was my first ever client in almost every business I started.”
  • On learning from failure: “Running that snowboard shop was about 100 times harder than running Transistor.”
  • On calm business: “It is possible to make money, enjoy your life, and be around your kids.”
  • On profitability: “You need margins. And then to be very clear, what we mean by good margins is 70, 80, 90%.”
  • On customer demand: “The market you choose almost determines how successful you’ll be more than anything else.”

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