Lawrence Yeo On The Arc of The Practical Creator, Creativity & Finding Work That Matters (The Pathless Path Podcast)

Being an undeclared major till his senior year of college, Lawrence didn’t really know what he wanted to do. After looking up which jobs make the most money, he decided to declare as an economics major, leading him to explore Investment Banking. While he didn’t end up working in investment banking, he was still pulled by the power of prestige, something he says “is a drug, and is most potent” when you are young and looking at schools.

Over a number of years and experiments with music and creating and writing, he slowly started to figure out a better path forward for him. After leaving the corporate world for a second time, Lawrence finally found a calling – writing on his blog: More To That where he uses visual storytelling to express his ideas of pursuing alternative paths, sharing ideas, and creating online. 

Some of the topics we explore in this conversation include: 

  • The influence of money and prestige 
  • Burnout and reflection
  • The importance of the right partner 
  • Finding the right medium 
  • The Arc of the Practical Creator

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