Moataz Ahmed on Freedom, Creativity & His Journey To Overcome Laziness

Moataz Ahmed otherwise known as “motizzy” is a graphic designer, consultant and hand lettering artist.  He recently published Part 1 of his book titled, “Lazy Person’s Guide to Freedom” and we talked about his journey and book in this conversation.

The book was born out of years of taking action in his own life in his attempts to transform himself from a self-described “lazy person” to someone that was motivated and energized by many different projects.  

I found his guide a nice antidote to the “hustle-preneurship” advice we read so often.  It starts with a foundational framing of freedom as something that we choose rather than something where we give up our power to other people in exchange for stuff or money.  

We talk about:

  • How we naturally started freelancing by helping people
  • His embrace of the “gift mindset”
  • How he improved his will-power and motivation
  • How he thinks about freedom and justice
  • How freedom should also be about speaking out for other people’s freedom
  • Learning new languages and the benefit of cross-cultural insight for design work

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