Tash Walker On Why Companies Should Adopt A 4-Day Workweek

Tash Walker is the founder of a firm and spends her Fridays making marmalade.

Before instituting a four-day workweek at her firm, The Mix, she barely had time for her relationships.  She decided to start doing research about different ways of working.  There had to be a better way than the default options of “Summer Fridays” and “flexible work,” that never seem to make less anxiety or stress-ridden.

In her research, she discovered many examples of Swedish companies embracing 4-day workweeks and also found that when they instituted it, they often helped improve productivity.  After bringing the option to her team at The Mix, they decided to do a three-month trial.  They didn’t even tell their clients.

The funny thing?  The clients didn’t even notice.  Even better, when they shared it with their clients – they weren’t offended.  They were curious to learn more and impressed that they had prioritized their people.  While many quickly reflex to “well that can’t work here,” Tash and her team went forward anyway and have shown that a 4-day work week can work and it can work in professional services – an industry where many take for granted the fact that you should always be available for your clients.

Beyond improving the lives of the people at the firm, they achieved some incredible results:

  • Revenues up 57%
  • Absenteeism down 75%
  • Productivity stayed the same
  • Doubled the number of clients
  • Client referrals up 50%

Want to learn how to make this happen at your company?  You can download their “4-day week report which is one of the best reports I’ve seen on the future of work.