Packy McCormick – Making Newsletters Fun (Podcast)

Packy says that his differentiation “is that I’m going to be having more fun than most people”

I’ve been a big fan of the energy he’s brought to his writing over the past couple of years. But he didn’t set out to have a popular newsletter.  His real plan was to launch an in-person community.  

We chat about how the pandemic helped him figure out why that wasn’t a good idea and how he’s thinking about his solopreneur journey,

The reason I asked him on the podcast is to talk about his recent newsletter on the future of work.  He argues that “Employees will ultimately make the decision” about what work looks like post-pandemic.  I think he is mostly right and we talk about what that might mean for people’s lives.


On his competitive advantage

My only differentiation…is that I’m going to be having more fun than most people”

On making friends

What you write about defines who you’re going to spend a lot of time interacting with…It better be something you’re interested in or those conversations are going to be painful.

On how much he likes his new relationship with work:

I can’t imagine having to go back to a job where I have to work for somebody and two go to an office every day.  Once you’ve had a taste for the other side it seems like a crazy constriction of optionality.”  

On having no goals:

Right now I feel really good not having goals…there’s been enough serendipitous things happening that Im comfortable not setting those goals.