Sky King on Growing up in Hawaii, Quitting to Work At a Smoothie Bar & Building The Future of Podcasts (The Pathless Path Podcast)

This episode is with Sky King, the founder of Modern Stoa, a podcast advertising company for podcasters. His path is fascinating – he grew up in Hawaii, rarely wore shoes, was heavily influenced by Asian culture, had a father who was retired, and somehow ended up in a massive corporation right after college.  In 2016. he became fascinated by how the media was shaping the 2016 US election and decided it was time to act.  From a cold email to Ryan Holiday to helping build Aubrey Marcus’ podcast, Sky was on his way.  His long-term vision is to build an alternative to traditional advertising in audio.

We talk about this and a lot more including:

  • Why he quit a good job to work at a smoothie bar
  • How a cold email to Ryan Holiday changed his life
  • Working for Aubrey Marcus
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • Growing up in Hawaii
  • Serendipitous events that lend to him moving to Austin
  • The future of Audio

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