Money & The Creator Economy (How To Get Rich) – Steph Smith | Pathless Path Podcast

I had the pleasure of welcoming back Steph Smith for her second appearance, this time on the renamed “The Pathless Path Podcast.” We dove into a wide array of topics, ranging from the success of creators like Mr. Beast to the balance of side gigs and full-time work. We reflect on the scale and opportunities of content creation, with platforms now allowing creators to build empires unheard of a decade ago. Steph’s journey, marked by digital nomadism and pursuit of balance in her professional life, provided rich material for our discussion.

A major theme of our conversation revolved around money and its complex relationship with work. I shared my own background and the scarcity mindset I grew up with, while Steph opened up about her family’s unique financial dynamics and how she eventually reached “ice cream freedom.”

We also delved into the creator economy, with Steph shedding light on the exciting opportunities available for today’s creators. She emphasized the potential of bringing a unique perspective to existing domains, exploring untapped niches, and the emerging trend of anonymous influencers.

As our conversation came to a close, we chatted about Steph’s recent gig, hosting the a16z podcast. I highly recommend following Steph as she’s one of my biggest sources of inspiration too.

Key Themes:

  1. Money and Motivation: How money acts as a significant motivator in people’s lives, even if it’s not always openly acknowledged. There is an exploration of personal relationships with money, shedding light on how past experiences and mindsets can shape one’s financial outlook and work ethic.
  2. The Creator Economy: The opportunities and challenges that come with it. There is a focus on how individuals can navigate this space, find stability, and leverage their skills and content to generate income.
  3. Digital Nomadism: The lifestyle of being a digital nomad, emphasizes the freedom and flexibility it offers, as well as the importance of financial stability and planning in sustaining this way of life.
  4. Relationships and Life Planning: Paul and Steph talk about the challenges of living an unconventional life and what that means for marriage and personal relationships


On The Possibilities of Today’s Creator Economy

“You never could have seen a Mr Beast 10 years ago…you’re gonna see someone probably 10x the size of Mr Beast in I don’t know in five years ten years.”

On Current Opportunities:

“There are so many opportunities to just take an existing domain and just add your own flair to it… there’s also so many niches that people are not tackling or not tackling well.”