Steph Smith – Carving a 21st Century Career & Life (Podcast)

Steph has a hard time identifying as anything.  Remote worker, writer, or coder don’t really do it justice.  The thing that stands out when you talk to Steph is that she is a LEARNER.  Through competing in chess as a child she learned the valuable meta-skill of how to improve and never really saw any reason why she couldn’t just take something up.

This mindset is invaluable in today’s world and this is demonstrated by the way Steph landed her job at The Hustle (hint: it didn’t involve a formal application. 

In this conversation, we cover:

  1. This conversation was a lot of fun and explores:
  2. Digital nomadism myth vs. reality
  3. How she chooses where to live
  4. What she learned traveling the world competing in chess as a child
  5. How she thinks about work and her identity
  6. One of her favorite topics – words that don’t translate

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