Boundless Podcast – Stephen Warley on the biggest shift since the industrial revolution (Episode 19)

“Work as you know it is currently changing in fundamental ways that we have not seen since the industrial revolution”

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Stephen has been self-employed for more than 18 years.  At first, it was by accident.  He referred to himself as a “reluctant freelancer.”  We talk about how that mindset evolved into one where he now sees self-employment as THE option for today’s world.  He is the founder of Life Skills That Matter, a platform, and community to help people to build the real skills they need to build a life they are proud of.

There are many future of work “thought leaders” but that title would sell Stephen too short. He has been in the weeds experimenting in his own life and has helped hundreds of people carve their own paths in the world I would instead call him the wise elder statesman of the freelance economy. If you have ever thought about working for yourself, I recommend Stephen’s work over my own.

Stephen puts the emerging trends bluntly: “The only work left is managing yourself.  If you’re going to manage yourself, you might as well work for yourself.”

To get started, he pushes people to “work on creating…you’re not just going to get paid right off the bat, just enjoy the freedom of creation of whatever it is that you want to do, whatever form that is, however, you want to do it without judgment…just start doing that.”  Because that’s what really gets people interested when you can share your creations and there’s nothing more human than that.