David Pakman: Long-Term YouTube Careers, Loving Work, Rest & Breaks, Fatherhood & Politics

In this episode with David Pakman, I delve into the complexities and challenges of the political commentary space, exploring not just the professional hurdles but also the deeply personal aspects of such a career. David shares his unique story, from his family’s immigration from Argentina to his early engagement with technology and the internet, which eventually paved the way for his significant presence on YouTube. Our conversation reveals the nuances of maintaining motivation and creativity in a landscape that often feels saturated and contentious. We discuss everything from the dynamics of audience engagement to the intricacies of personal growth within the public eye.


  • Bold Beginnings: David’s journey from Argentina to becoming a prominent political commentator on YouTube is not just inspiring but filled with insightful lessons on perseverance and finding one’s path.
  • The Political Minefield: Navigating the complexities of political commentary, especially in an era marked by polarization and contentious public discourse, offers a glimpse into the challenges and responsibilities of those who choose to engage in this space.
  • Personal Growth and Public Life: Balancing a public career with personal development and private life, especially with the added responsibilities of family, presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for reflection and growth.


On Starting Young:

“I don’t know that it was serious in any kind of way that maybe there’s like a job or an occupation here until I was probably in high school.”

On Political Commentary:

“One of the things that makes my job different from an accountant is the accountant doesn’t come in on Monday and have 3000 angry comments about what they said about taxes.”

On Audience Dynamics:

“My team sorts through. It would take a year to do exactly. It would take a year. So I do think that separating myself from some of that stuff and trying to reduce the noise and increase the signal by looking at thoughtful emails that people take time to actually write to me.”

On Creative Endeavors:

“One was I want to do a show in Spanish. And I did that during the 2020 election for the Australia network. It was like a 13-week thing.”

On Future Aspirations:

What other structures might be interesting to me or what are ideas I haven’t even really considered about things that would be worth trying from a lifestyle perspective?”

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