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Rethinking Work & Education via Montessori Schools – Matt Bateman

In this episode with Matt Bateman, I dive into a fascinating conversation about the intersections of work, education, and personal development. Matt, an early childhood educator, philosopher, and the founder of Guidepost Montessori, shares his unique perspective on growing up without the traditional work scripts and how it influenced his approach to education and life. … Read More

What Does Authors Equity Mean For Traditional Publishing?

The creator economy has destroyed the walls between creators and their audiences. With the click of a button, people can reach people all around the world via voice, video, and text. People who are sharing ideas across mediums like blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts are used to having not only creative control over their work … Read More

Creating Margin For Life & Running a “Calm Company” | Justin Jackson (Pathless Path Podcast

In this episode with Justin Jackson, co-founder of Transistor, we dive into his fascinating journey from early internet ventures to establishing a calm business model that prioritizes life’s margins. Justin shares his experiences growing up in a family where entrepreneurial spirit was a necessity, the lessons learned from running a snowboard shop, and how these … Read More

How I Write: A Conversation With Myself

I’ve been listening to David Perell’s awesome podcast literally called “How I Write” and it’s made me realize I have a lot of things to say about writing. One of the most interesting things about the podcast is that there are not a lot of common “recipes” across the writers. Everyone has a different approach.  … Read More

Joe Hudson on The Art of Transformation In The Modern World | Pathless Path Podcast

In this episode with Joe Hudson, I delve into his riveting life story, exploring his journey from a challenging childhood dominated by a sense of conflict and anger, to his eventual awakening and self-discovery. Joe’s experiences living in various countries, coupled with his personal transformation, offer invaluable insights into dealing with adversity, embracing emotional fluidity, … Read More

The Strategic Independent: Tom Critchlow on Blending Consulting, Courses, and Creativity

In this episode, I reconnected with Tom Critchlow, an independent consultant, marking his second appearance on our show. Tom discussed his nine-year journey in indie consulting, emphasizing the transition from consulting as his sole income to exploring new ventures like course creation and book writing. He shared the challenges of balancing these diverse interests, especially … Read More

The Future of Indie Consulting & Life – Venkatesh Rao

In this episode, we dove into the evolution of consulting, highlighting the shift toward fourth-generation approaches and the Yak Collective’s innovative strategies. We discussed the significance of stable revenue streams, the injection of strategic intelligence into the business world, and the importance of diversifying income streams. Reflecting on the journey from traditional consulting to the … Read More