Jen Morilla on breaking plates, grief and traveling the world with purpose (Episode 14)

Jen Morilla is an impact travel influencer.  What does that mean?  It means she travels the world and writes about her experiences but also has a central mission.  At first, she started out with the mission to “change the world” which has since gotten more specific.  She has been bringing water filters to many different villages across the globe and impacted an estimated 12,000 people globally  What has been meaningful for her is not bringing the water filters, but teaching people how to solve problems.  Her own journey is an experience of learning as well – spending time on YouTube and learning from others to develop skills in video editing, writing, and more.  She never saw this as a risky move and saw that if she was at the same job in five years (although her view of the Empire State Building was pretty nice!), she would always regret not having tried.

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  • Grit by Angela Duckworth