Martha Balaile on creating inspiring art filled with magic

Martha Balaile is a fantasy illustrator living in Cape Town, South Africa originally from Tanzania.  Her mission is to figure out how magic, mythology and fantasy can have an impact on real life. She’s also the wonderful creator of the new cover art for this podcast.  

Martha aspired to create “art that is filled with subtle lessons on living a magical and adventurous life.”  Two of the lessons she has found:

  1. Go with the flow
  2. Be aware of fear

We explore these a bit and she shares some examples from fantasy that have inspired her. Check out the show!

We talk about:

  • What drove her to pursue an art career after growing up in Tanzania
  • What she wishes she learned in art school
  • What she looked from working with clients
  • How she switched from magic “standard” art to art she cared about
  • How she decided to take the leap to freelancing “early” in her career.
  • How she structures her day around her work

Her Top 3 Magic Podcasts:

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