Boundless Podcast – Nita Baum on how to “be free” and self-employed (Episode 18)

Nita Baum is a rock star self-employed freelancer.  She has been working on her own for over a decade and now splits her time across many domains, describing herself as an “entrepreneur, co-creator, facilitator, mentor-coach, and community-builder.”  A lot of her current work focuses on supporting and working with people who are carving their own paths as freelancers, which evolved from her helping hundreds of people informally over the year.  In 2013, she turned this into a business, launching b*free in 2013 as a platform “by freelancers for freelancers” to help people with the transition to self-employment as the future of work evolves. 

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One of her core beliefs is that you can “design the contribution you want to give from the inside out.”  We discuss this and more including her perspective coaching freelancers, working as an independent consultant, some of the blocks people face when taking a leap and much more about the evolving future of work.