From The “Holler” to Therapist to Creator Coach – Corey Wilks Psy. D. On Helping People Thrive

Dr. Corey Wilks is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach with over 15 years of psychological experience. In 2020, he stopped practicing therapy and ventured into entrepreneurship. Now, he coaches entrepreneurs and creates content to help people be more intentional with how they live, work, and create. His latest project is Intentional Life Design, a 5-week live cohort-based course focused on helping people overcome limiting beliefs, think bigger, and do work that matters.

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Conversation Topics

  • Fear of success: he suggests that some people may feel they don’t deserve success, leading to self-sabotage. He also talks about his own journey, including his unconventional path and his experience in the Creator economy. He discusses the societal scripts that people often follow, and how he found belonging by leaning into his own identity. He also talks about the importance of belonging and the psychological impact of feeling ostracized or abandoned.
  • Eudaimonia: a concept of long-term thinking and making sacrifices for future benefits. He also talks about the limiting beliefs that people often have, and how these can hold them back. He shares his experience of being fired from his job during the pandemic, which led him to commit to his passion and fully start his own business.
  • Intentional Life Design: Corey’s cohort-based course on helping people to live, work, and create intentionally. He also talks about the power of perspective-taking and how it can help people to see beyond their current worldview. He discusses the importance of community in facilitating transformation and learning.
  • Inspirations: Corey wraps up the discussion by discussing the people who inspire him, including Ryan Holiday, David Perell, and Ali Abdaal. He also discusses the importance of remembering that successful people are just regular people, and that they are not inherently better than anyone else.