Jacqueline Jensen on sabbaticals, rethinking work and building a “calm company”

Jacqueline Jensen has been a digital nomad for 3.5 years, living and working globally.  It might surprise you to find out then, that she’s written a book called “Travel Isn’t The Answer.”  While counterintuitive, she argues for a return to awe and wonder with what is already around us.  She talks about different moments of wonder she has experienced (including a breathtaking view in Montenegro) and different techniques for how people can “Live With a Sense of Curiosity, Passion, and Awe Anywhere and Everywhere” (the subtitle of the book).

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Last year, in a planned sabbatical she came face-to-face with the fact that work was the center of her world.  While she almost “quit” the sabbatical, she pushed herself to redefine her day and time to claim back some of herself from a sole focus on work.   She provides many actionable tips and perspectives that can help people question the role of work in their lives, take steps to increase the amount of awe in their lives and connect with people that matter to them.

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