How to fill your morning with purpose and joy (Craig Kulyk)

I met Craig at a conference called The World Domination Summit and when he introduced himself he gave me a pack of tea with his business card on it. Everything he does is like this – packed with thoughtfulness and humor.

After college Craig knew he wanted to explore the world and have different experiences and that mindset brought him to South Korea where he intended to stay for one year which ended up turning into a five-year stint. His interest in Ultimate Frisbee there helped him get involved with a local community and also ended up helping him land a job he loved back in Canada when he moved back to Vancouver.

Craig is also the creator of the Morning Effect, something he ended up being passionate about after going from someone who hated mornings to a morning advocate over the past 7 years.  He defines the morning effect as:

the principle that what you choose to do in the morning can have an amazing impact on other parts of your life. It leads you to get up and be productive, do more of the things you wish you were doing, and embark on your days already feeling accomplished. All of that is a HUGE win, but honestly, it’s just the tip of the iceberg…

He’s experimented with 100 morning rituals over that time and now works with people to help them take back their mornings and find “another 20 hours” a week as he did.

His story is more than another “hustle” hack – it’s grounded on bringing more presence, joy, and creativity to one’s life and that is why I hope you check out the podcast this week!

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