Join the Pathless Path Community to find the others and gain confidence on your path

Meetup in Taipei, October 2023

Join A Community Of Curious Humans Who Want More Than Life On The Default Path

I wrote the Pathless Path after hundreds of conversations with people from around the world. What I found was that people were struggling to fit their lives into a default path that was no longer working. Many people were inventing new paths and new scripts for their lives but struggled to feel good about what they were up to.

On my own path, I’ve found endless inspiration from other people on similar paths and some of the early friends I made on this journey were some of the key reasons I was able to keep going. My aim in this community is to help foster similar connections and inspire people on their own paths.

What’s Included

Access To The Community Space In Circle

A community of generous and curious humans following their own path and looking for others to join and root for along the way

Monthly “Meet The Others” Hangouts

A monthly session where we focus on sharing our stories, connecting with others, and asking deep questions.

Host An Event In Your Location, Get $100

Want to host an event in your location? We’ll give you $100 to do what you’d like. (Working to find potential sponsors as well)

Courses on Freelancing & Reinvention

Get access to Paul’s Art of Strategic Freelancing & Reinvent Course (an early iteration of what turned into The Pathless Path) and access to all future courses ($500 value)

Quarterly Q&A Sessions With Paul

Will do Quarterly sessions with Paul with open Q&A (potential to do more if there is interest)

Pathless Case Studies

Will be doing structured live events with people on Pathless Paths where we will walk through key lessons of their journeys. We will create decks and guides based on the stories that we compile in the community

Resource Library, Member Directory & More

A curated set of resources to help you on your path like values inventory exercises, target income calculator, fear-setting exercises, life design templates, and more

Our Three Goals With The Community:

1. Help You Find The Others On Pathless Paths

  • We will attempt to connect you to at least one other person in the first 30 days that
  • Monthly socials where we gather to discuss the unique challenges of the Pathless Path with Paul and the community. You can share your thoughts and get insights from others.

2. Serve as an on-ramp into life as an Internet Citizen

  • Weekly co-writing sessions to help you do the most generous act: share the work you care about
  • Help you take advantage of the fastest growing economy, the internet, to amplify your work, find the others, and figure out which “game” you are playing

3. Help You Build Confidence To Keep Going

  • Confidence comes from knowing what you are doing and having good “maps” of how to think about your path
  • Paul is focused on creating content and resources to help people on their paths

Frequently Asked Questions

How Active is Paul in the Community?

In the first year, Paul spent a lot of time in the live sessions and in the virtual community but realized that he was better served creating tools & resources for the community and writing more. He’s since hired a community manager, Sri, to help manage the group and will be more proactive about hiring others to help rather than spending all his time in the community. However, he’ll generally respond when tagged and will get back to DMs in a reasonable amount of time

Is Gift Pricing Available?

Yes. This is available on anything Paul creates. If you can’t afford the fees, e-mail me at paul at think-boundless dot come and let me know what feels right for you.

Can I Host Events Within The Community?

Yes! This space is open to others to share their ideas, support others, and get involved. Please reach out to Paul or the community manager if you are interested.

Can I Get A Refund?

Sure, just send a message within 30 days or you can cancel directly in your account and you should get refunded automatically. If you have issues, please contact a member of the team.

Why I Created This Community

When I quit my job in 2017, I was shocked at how alone I felt. The unspoken support of being on a prestigious path had fallen away and no active support seemed to appear. It seemed that everything in my life had been dependent on me staying employed and now people just wanted to know, “What’s your plan?”

I realized I needed to find people with similar paths and ask similar questions. Slowly, over a number of years through conferences, meetups, writing online, and creating my own events, I was able to find the others. This changed my life and helped me find a new level of confidence in my path.

Since 2020 when I announced that I was going to write a book, dozens of people have asked: “When will you launch a community so we can find each other?” 

Eventually, I ran out of excuses and it felt right and here we are…

Join The Pathless Path Community (Pay-What-Feels-Right)

Get access to everything the Pathless Path Community has to offer, including Socials, Access to Courses and Resources, Writing Sessions, and AMA Sessions With Paul